Corporate Governance

As a company that connects and protects, nVent believes that good governance sets the foundation for success. Our company is built on robust management processes and the highest integrity. The governance principles we practice today are built on nVent’s Code of Business Conduct and Ethics (PDF).

Some of these practices include:

  • A strong-minded Board made up of a majority of independent directors.
  • An independent Lead Director, Susan M. Cameron, who serves as a direct liaison with management.
  • Direct access by the Board to independent advisors and experts.
  • Routine executive Board sessions without management present.
  • Direct responsibility of Audit & Finance Committee for the retention and supervision of our external auditors.
  • Audit & Finance Committee oversight of our internal auditors.
  • An anonymous helpline available to all employees for reporting compliance or other concerns.
  • Related Person Transactions Policy (PDF) to ensure independence and the absence of conflicts.
  • Political Contributions Policy (PDF) to ensure contributions are in a manner consistent with our  core values and to protect and/or enhance stakeholder value
  • View nVent’s UK Tax Strategy (PDF)

Committees of the Board

nVent’s Board of Directors has three standing committees.

Audit and Finance Committee

Assists the Board with oversight of accounting and financial reporting processes and audits of financial statements.

Compensation and Human Capital Committee

Sets and administers policies that govern executive compensation, including setting the Named Executive Officers' compensation. Oversees talent development and succession planning, and matters relating to human resources and human capital management.

Governance and Social Responsibility Committee

Identifies individuals qualified to become Directors. Recommends nominees to the Board for election at annual meetings of shareholders. Oversees and evaluates programs, policies and practices relating to social responsibility matters, including sustainability, health and safety, business ethics, corporate social responsibility, community relations and other public policy and affairs. Oversees compliance with the Code of Conduct.